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Dongguan LED industry prospects favorable policies and subsidies to do the backing

Recently, Dongguan famous for its manufacturing and service industry inGuangdong Province, three line city, suddenly became the focus of attention of the media and the internet. But the line of sight to the US in the LED industry,Dongguan is not Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhongshan Province, even Foshanequivalent brothers this concern. How to develop the LED industry in Dongguan?We can through the Dongguan several representative LED enterprise peep clue!

In the LED industry, Dongguan although lead other city before in packaging field,but still in the downstream industry chain link, in the production equipment,substrate, epitaxial wafer, chip on the link, Dongguan basically is a blank. Even atDongguan city in the high power package, Dongguan city faces? One swallow does not make a spring of the embarrassing situation?. For the future of Dongguan LED industry, to achieve great development, how to move toward the upstream and downstream from the, from low-end to high-end, determines the futuredevelopment prospects.

It is understood, Dongguan City, with a certain scale and R & D capability of LEDhas more than 200 enterprises, the Taiwan funded enterprises accounted for two to three. Can be seen from the data, Taiwan funded enterprises have become an important force in the LED industry in Dongguan. Taiwan funded enterprises to enter the mainland lighting market, launched the high-end products, hope that through the brand advantage to occupy the high-end market.

The LED industry is the focus of Dongguan city to develop one of the strategic emerging industry, at present the formation of epitaxial chip package, including the upstream river, downstream application, a complete industrial chain. DongguanCity Hall has introduced a number of initiatives, strongly support the LED industry development, promote with great social benefit and practical significance ofapplication of LED lighting products. According to statistics, in 2012 Dongguan city LED value close to 20000000000 Yuan, an increase of more than 30%, is expected by the end of 2015, the annual output value of 50000000000 yuan of Dongguan LED industry.

Dongguan new deal releasing LED overcapacity risks

In 2013 July a development plan for the LED industry for 4 years by the ShenzhenCity Hall suddenly abolished, with the only difference is, at the end of 2013 5, and Shenzhen are only separated by several hundred miles to Dongguan city hasissued "implementation measures to promote the development of LED industry".According to the insider, Dongguan the introduction of this policy is to support thefocus on the core technology and high-end technology R & D and manufacturinglevel, in a sense, the two are fit for the direction of the LED industry. Since August 8th, Dongguan science and Technology Bureau Web site put out a "on the admissibility of LED green lighting demonstration city project and LED lighting demonstration project subsidy notification" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"),Dongguan semiconductor lighting application center staff every day Zhu Yichuanreceived a dozen phone inquiries.

Dongguan LED lighting engineering has the opportunity to win the 20%-30% high subsidies

Dongguan City, Guangdong Province in 2013 two LED lighting demonstration project subsidy has begun, successful applicants will receive 20% of the totalproject LED lamp or 30% subsidies. Dongguan city in the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period will also be on the LED industry special subsidies, in June this year issued the "Dongguan city to promote the industrial development of LED implementation measures", the transformation project, the core technology research projects, LEDkey equipment, promotion and application of LED products, LED products on LEDsignificant results of the testing and certification of professional and technical personnel training has funded way. Among them, the Dongguan towns Street(Park) organization and implementation of the LED lighting application project,Dongguan City Department of Finance in accordance with the lamp of 10% price subsidies.

Dongguan implementation of the "323" development plan of pushing the LED industry development

In 2013 December, Dongguan city issued "323" high growth small and medium-sized enterprise implementation plan, storage of small and medium-sized enterprises to establish about 300 of high growth within the city, years using enterprise counterpart policy focus to support the 20 above base and promotemore than 3 enterprises to become listed reserve. And the photoelectric, cled,Bang Chen, Fu and so on a large number of LED enterprises selected in 2013"323" to cultivate business directory.

It appears from the above situation, development prospect of Dongguan LEDindustry is very broad, in addition to Dongguan city government policy frequentsupport LED enterprise, believes that Dongguan's LED enterprises will strive for further improvement in the 2014.

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