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Analysis illustrate how to improve the working life of the LED lamp

The LED circuit needs drive AC voltage standard is converted to DC current and voltage can be used.
In order to make the LED lighting compatible with the standard lamp socket, without sacrificing its working life, the designer must take some does not increase the lighting potential failure mechanism mode, the drive circuit and the lighting together.
Driving circuit to high AC voltage into a DC voltage low, it is necessary to do electrical isolation. A solution is to use the real time waveform analysis, through the isolation transformer primary side current detection of LED, so that, without direct feedback from the output end, can keep the LED on the strict constant current regulation.
The two step scheme for drive LED is a boost converter in front, with the load impedance required for dimmer (may reduce the damage caused by the surge current), and the input current and line current in phase, the overall power factor of the circuit to improve the.
Governments around the world have introduced the requirements of incandescent lamp to gradually withdraw from the market, it promotes the transition to solid state lighting technology. LED lighting has obvious advantages compared with the traditional methods, especially the LED bulb improves the lumens per watt performance, and reduce the cost per lumen.
LED technology compared with traditional incandescent lamp replaced, the main advantage is that a longer working life, and lower cost per watt hour. Compared with incandescent and fluorescent lamps is relatively fragile, rugged solid-state lighting technology for the consumer is an important selling point. The typical life of incandescent lamp is about 1000 hours (ref. 1). And LED lighting boasts more than 50000 hours of working life (ref. 2), at the same time in the equivalent light output, only the power consumption is about 20%
However, if the designer does not take the necessary precautions, LED lighting may not be cashed in about 25 years without replacement bulb's commitment to consumers. LED and driving circuit complexity and reliability (must be compatible with the traditional dimming technology) is the designer must consider and solve the problem, so that we can get the working life of the LED lighting system the longest.
LED normal direct current constant voltage, and far below the rectified AC line voltage, therefore need to lower the standard AC voltage to the driving circuit available level. To make the LED lighting and standard lamp socket compatible, the designer must drive circuit is integrated in a bulb. If not handled properly, it will increase the possibility of integration of LED lighting to mechanical breakdown.

components, high price, and special design strategy, in order to prevent the key element in long term aging problems (such as electrolytic capacitors). Now, drive circuit integration make the lighting more prone to reliability problems, such as the early failure or the MTTF (mean time to failure) rate.
MTTF is the first failure time measure value, usually based on circuit in each element of the FIT rate (per 1000000000 hours calculated failure rate). Due to the driving circuit to AC voltage (100Vac/220V AC) can be reduced to a DC voltage LED power supply, therefore, for security reasons to do electrical isolation.
In a typical electrical isolation AC/DC converter, will use a separate optical isolator (or optical) offer from the secondary side to the primary side feedback controller, which converts an electrical signal into optical signal, the signal through the light barrier, and then back into the electrical signal (Figure 1). Because the FIT optocoupler rate is higher than the semiconductor element, so the MTTF index of the whole circuit is reduced.
In addition, due to the impact of ageing, the current transmission optocoupler rate may change with time and temperature. This change will affect the power supply loop stability, shorten the life of LED driving circuit. Although many LED lamps and luminaires can work in the PCB high temperature, but the designer must eliminate these weak links, in order to obtain longer life.

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