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Parameters that should be obeyed when design Led car bulbs
Is it better that all Led car bulbs  are brighter? In fact,it is not.The higher of the brightness doesnot mean it is better.The German company Hella ever warned users of Led car light , the replacement of Led tail lights could induce danger.
Indeed,the existence of car bulbs,including down lights,brake lights,turn lights ,and other bulbs,is not to be brighter,but requries a certain brightness to achieve the corresponding functins.However, too bright will cause additional problems.
Here is Australia’s transpore standards,from that ,we can see the design of Led auto bulbs can be seen to comply with the relevant provision.

1. The contour--a closely related with the installation,which determines the space for the installation of Led auto lamps as well as the heat transmission features of the light body space of the Led auto lighting 

2.  The output of the light(lumens)which reflects the index of brightness of Led auto bulbs .Just like other parameters, this parameter also is not the larger the better.It has a criterion,and a permitted and changing scope.
3.  The filament position, for it determinesthe focusing properties.And the incorrect location could cause poor focus,then change the external optical path.
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